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    vertical challenge

The natural rock walls, near the Balteo Trail, invite fans of the discipline to test themselves with the verticalness of these places.

Climbing walls

La Gruviera climbing wall


The wall is clearly visible from the road and is made up of large dihedrals and aretes, some furrowed with cracks and special holes. The climb is more or less technical and there are many ideal routes for beginners or for climbers’ to familiarize with …

Climbing walls
Scaling the Paretone

Paretone rock climbing wall


The wall is clearly visible from the road. The wall is shaped like a rock cupcake made up of ledges on compact rock with typical cracks and grips. The climb is purely face climbing on long routes that require a half a day or more.

The activity …

Climbing walls
Climbing walls

La Ravoire rock climbing wall


La parete sorge dove un tempo vi era una cava di pietra ed è caratterizzata da muri molto compatti e verticali, talvolta anche appoggiati, dove lo stile di arrampicata è molto tecnico e “di dita”. Si trovano 2 settori, uno alto adiacente al piazzale dove …

Climbing walls

Leverogne rock climbing wall


The wall is clearly visible from the road and is made up of short, compact rock walls smoothed by streams during the eras when the Dora Baltea and others flowed in a sort of gulley, carving the potholes still visible at the bottom of some routes. The …

Climbing walls
Main section

Biellesi rock climbing wall


Wall ascent: from the parking lot, climb the Roman road to the stone staircase with a chain rail near the beginning of Donnas. Follow the path. The first wall is 5 minutes down the road and the base of the most popular sector is 5 more minutes down. …

Climbing walls
Right section

Placche di Oriana rock climbing wall


Wall ascent: On foot from Courtil, follow the paved road to Plan de Flo.

The walls are clearly visible from the road once in the hamlet of Courtil. The rock is always excellent and the climbing style is adherence, with excellent shoe grips. Stainless …

Climbing walls

L'Onda rock climbing wall


The wall is clearly visible from the road and includes a very steep sector to the left and a slightly steep sector to the right. It is good for endurance despite the short routes. Many holds have been comfortized where particularly difficult but …