• La Gruviera climbing wall

La Gruviera climbing wall

Resorts: Arnad

The wall is legendary, probably the first one to be anchored in Valle d’Aosta. It is still a favorite due to the short access from out of the valley and for the quality of the compact and well-worked rock. Despite its popularity with climbers, the routes are still ideally rugged.

Technical Information


The wall is clearly visible from the road and is made up of large dihedrals and aretes, some furrowed with cracks and special holes. The climb is more or less technical and there are many ideal routes for beginners or for climbers’ to familiarize with the rock. The anchors are well-set and all routes have been recently re-equipped with stainless steel material. Pay careful attention to cord length on longer routes since the cord could end before safely reaching the ground.
The activity requires technical experience. Alpine guide assistance is recommended.

Descent: Stops include chains and belays or Munter hitches. Climbers are either belayed down on a 60 m cord or abseil on longer routes.

Minimum, maximum and average route difficulty from 5b to 7b+, average 6a.

Total number of routes: 34.

Average length is 30 meters with a minimum of 18 and maximum of 110 meters.

Other rock walls in the area: Paretone - Arnad.

Recommended times

April - October

Difference in level

110 m.

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Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.