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Cammino Balteo

A circular hiking itinerary through over 40 municipalities in Aosta Valley, mostly at medium and low altitude.
A journey into the deepest heart of the territory and the local community, where the history of man has left more evident signs of its passage, to discover the architecture of the villages and local traditions, still alive and rooted, but also of the rural landscape: pastures, vineyards, vegetable gardens, mills, cellars and dairies.

A journey that lends itself to different thematic and seasonal variations that everyone can modulate according to their needs and time available.

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Along the way, there are various points of interest that invite you to stop. Here are some ...

Aymavilles castle

Along stage 18 of the Cammino Balteo trail, it has opened its doors to the public after a long restoration. Don't miss the visit!


It is worth a stop at this fascinating cascade of water that you meet along the stage 14, in the territory of the municipality of La Salle.

The watermills path

In La Madgeleine (stages 7 and 8), eight mills, lined up along a small stream, preserve the memory of the peasant activity of the past.

Fort of Bard

Imposing nineteenth-century fortress along stage 23, it is today a cultural center which houses various museums, including the museum of the Alps, and important temporary exhibitions.  

Pontboset's bridges

Discovering bridges and ancient houses in the Champorcher valley. Agile tracks run through villages in the shade of chestnut trees. Suggestive landscapes along the stream alternate large polished boulders and limpid pools of water.

Lake Lod

At Antey-Saint-André, a pretty pond invites to stop along the stage 8 going from Verrayes to La Magdeleine.