• Stage 16

    Introd - Villeneuve

    Cammino Balteo

Introd - Villeneuve

Resorts: Introd, Villeneuve

This is a route that extends through forests and rivers, surrounded by authentic, wild nature with paths that bring you into contact with the Rhêmes Valley and the nearby Valsavarenche, at the gates of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Technical Information


From Introd you’ll climb following an old path that gradually ventures into dense forests suspended over the turbulent Dora di Rhêmes, until you get to aptly-named Rhêmes-Saint-Georges. Here the houses run along a slope overlooked by the towering parish church.

Once you have passed the river, you’ll get to the tiny hamlet of Cachoz and begin your descent, once again immersed in the forests. Encircling the promontory of Mont Ruppet, you’ll take the valley ravine of the Savara River until you get to the village of Chevrère, from where you will begin to descend to reach the valley floor at Villeneuve.

Duration going there


Duration coming back



20.101 m

Recommended times

May - October


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

+588 m -793 m