• Stage 17

    Villeneuve - Aymavilles

    Cammino Balteo

Villeneuve - Aymavilles

Resorts: Aymavilles, Villeneuve

This route is filled with historical splendour, ranging from the Middle Ages to the Roman Era, that takes you through vineyards, plains, rivers gushing from wild canyons and villages suspended in time.

Technical Information


After you have passed through the hamlet of Villeneuve, climb to the picturesque Church of Santa Maria with its baptismal font that dates by the 5th century AD, beneath the enigmatic gaze of Châtel Argent Castle.

After you have passed through the town of Chavonne, you will get to the hamlet of Issogne, from where you will start to climb to the town of Camagne. Here there is a clear view of the valley floor and the ravine of the Grand Eyvia River descending from Cogne Valley.

From here you’ll continue along the scenic path, also known as the “butterfly path” which, once you have passed the waterfall, leads you through distinctive plant types to the extraordinary Roman bridge-aqueduct of Pont d’Ael, a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering from the 1st century BC that has been wonderfully enhanced and preserved in the form of a museum. This is not only an area of substantial historical and archaeological interest, but also of naturalistic interest due to the presence of an overwhelming 96 different species of butterfly.

From the charming village of Pont d’Ael you continue towards the village of Ozein, a real historical oasis set within an enchanting natural location, also known for favò, a tasty and fortifying local soup made from fava beans.

From here you’ll descend towards Champlan and, winding between forests and grassy crags, you’ll return to the valley floor at Aymavilles.

Duration going there


Duration coming back



12.294 m

Recommended times

May - October


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

+ 837 m - 1000 m