Lake Villa nature reserve
  • Lake Villa nature reserve

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Lake Villa nature reserve

Resorts: Challand-Saint-Victor, Montjovet

The Lake Villa nature reserve was established in 1982 and covers 25 hectares at altitudes between 810 and 980 meters.

Environment: low mountain lake-marsh basin characterised by a clear contrast between the marshy lake area and surrounding dry area.

Fauna: the nature reserve represents the main reproduction station on the regional level for the common toad. Some of the local reptiles include the lizard and the coluber while the fish fauna is made up of cyprinids and eels.

Flora: the lake waters are home to two floating plants, rare in Valle d’Aosta, the white waterlily and the amphibian lily. The reed field is mainly populated by marsh reeds. Shrubs include hygrophilous woods near the shores and Scots pine and downy oaks on the surrounding sunny slopes.

How to get there
The municipal road which leads to the site is well indicated at the junction, along the regional road 45 of the Ayas Valley, after the village of Challand-Saint-Victor (a signboard indicates “Natural Reserve of Lake Villa”). 2,5 km after this junction, you will reach a small parking located directly on the side of the road. There you will find a signboard with the description of the site and its principal trails.

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