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Villa Castle

Resorts: Challand-Saint-Victor

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Not open to visitors.

This is the oldest manor belonging to the Challant noble family, one of the most important in Aosta Valley. It was built around the 10th century, but took its final form in the first decades of the 14th, thanks to the works carried out by Ebalo I of Challant. In addition to the rich agricultural fiefdom annexed to it, the castle controlled the trade traffic along the Val d’Ayas and particularly the route to Gressoney, through Col Dondeuil.

The ruins of Villa caslte lie within the “Lago di Villa” nature reserve in the municipality of Challand-Saint-Victor: going up from Verres, one kilometre after the hamlet of Villa, take the detour on the left marked “strada per il castello” (road to the castle). It is about 30 minutes walk from the car park.

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