• Parish Church of San Martino

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Parish Church of San Martino

Resorts: Arnad

Rules for visitors

La chiesa è visibile solo dall’esterno.
È visitabile internamente prima e dopo le funzioni o in occasione di eventi particolari.

Orario delle funzioni:
sabato e vigilia: 18.30 – Domenica e festivi: 10.00


The Church of San Martino is located in the chief town of Arnad-Le-Vieux. The current building has a trapezoidal layout, with three naves that preserve a roof made of Gothic, low pointed cross vaults. The pillars support large arches that rest on capitals. The facade has a central tuff portal from the 15th century, decorated with a keel-shaped arch, representing two intertwined tree trunks with an overhead rose window. There are slender, single mullioned windows. The bell-tower, with a square shape, has a high, pyramid-shaped spire. The ceiling on the left nave is decorated with Late Gothic frescoes. The subjects represented include “St. George fighting a dragon”, the “Feast of Herod”, a “Crucifixion” and the “Beheading of John the Baptist”.

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