Saint-Pierre Castle
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Saint-Pierre Castle

Resorts: Saint-Pierre

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At present closed for restoration works.


This fairy-tale castle set on a crag above the village is really unique.

The famous four little lateral towers, which were added in the 19th century, give to Saint-Pierre’s castle, that ranks among the oldest manors in the region, a Disney-like appearance. The original structure might date back to the 12th century, because the brothers de castro Sancti Petri are mentioned as co-owners of a part of the castle in the well-known charter Charte de Franchise of 1191. Among the later owners we should remember Pietro Filiberto Roncas, who enlarged the castle in the 17th century and held there many receptions.

Since then, the castle underwent some refurbishments and had different owners. Now it belongs to Saint-Pierre’s municipality and it houses the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences.

The museum is currently closed because of refurbishment, renovation and rearrangement.

closed for restoration works

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