• Note dal Cammino Balteo


Note dal Cammino Balteo

Resorts: Arnad, Bard, Donnas, Issogne, Verrès

15 April 2023 - 16 April 2023


A weekend to discover stages 4, 22 and 23 of the Cammino Balteo, accompanied by a hiking and naturalistic guide, enjoying the landscape, the extraordinary opening with a guided tour of cultural sites normally closed to the public and a free concert on Saturday afternoon in the splendid setting of the garden of Château Vallaise, open and visitable for the event!


Saturday 15 April:

  • Route 1 (easy) Verres-Arnad
    Length: 4.2km; Altitude difference:115 m (ascent) 16 m (descent)
  • Route 2 (more challenging) Donnas- Arnad
    Length: 12.5km; Altitude difference:1100 m (ascent) 985 m (descent)
    Both routes end at Château Vallaise with the guided tour of the castle and the free concert

Sunday 16 April: Arnad-Donnas
Length: 8.8km; Altitude difference:133 m (ascent) 206 m (descent)


  • Saturday 15 April Route 1: Saint Gilles provost in Verres, Saint Suaire chapel in Issogne, Château Vallaise in Arnad.
  • Saturday 15 April Route 2: terraced vineyards, splendid panoramic views of the valley floor and the Fortress of Bard, Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snows Machaby (Arnad), Château Vallaise (Arnad).
  • Sunday 16 April: medieval village of Bard, fortress of Bard, Roman arch and village of Donnas.

Concert Quintetto Bislacco (violin, viola, cello, double bass, mandolin/guitar)

• accompaniment along the route with a hiking and naturalistic guide (€ 20.00 per person per day)
free guided visits to extraordinarily open sites
free concert at Château Vallaise
• lunch on Saturday 15/4: €17.00/22.00 (route 1); €10.00 (take-away lunch) route 2
• lunch Sunday 16/4: free in the village of Bard/Hône
free luggage transport and transfer services to return to your car
• overnight stay in Arnad at the resort’s accommodation facilities

To book the experience fill out our FORM indicating your itinerary and duration preferences (2 days/1 day only).
Our Pont-Saint-Martin Tourist Office will take care of your reservation and will assist you in choosing and booking the accommodation.

PLEASE NOTE: proposal with limited numbers and reservation required. Precedence is granted to those who book the two days with an overnight stay.

  • guide accompaniment along the route: € 20.00 per person per day
  • lunch 15 April: ROUTE 1: €17.00 (Snack Menu) or €22.00 (Tasting Menu) – wine and drinks not included - La Kiuva Restaurant
  • lunch 15 April: ROUTE 2: € 10.00 (takeaway picked up in Donnas)
  • lunch 16 April: free in the medieval village of Bard or in the nearby municipality of Hône (reachable on foot)
  • overnight stay in Arnad: from €40.00 to €50.00 per person per night in a double room on bed and breakfast basis. Dinner not included
  • guided tours and concert: free
  • luggage transport and transfers: free

Saturday 15 April

ROUTE 1: (easy)

  • Departure: 9:00 from Verres (parking in front of the Town Hall of Verrès)
  • Cultural visits along the way: Provostura Saint Gilles (Verres), Chapel Saint Suaire (Issogne), church of San Martino (Arnad), Château Vallaise (Arnad)
  • Lunch: 1.00 pm at La Kiuva Restaurant
  • Visit Château Vallaise (Arnad): 3.30pm before the concert
  • Concert: Quintetto Bislacco 4.30 pm

ROUTE 2: (more challenging)

  • Departure: 8.30 am from Donnas (Donnas library parking area)
  • Cultural visits along the way: Our Lady of the Snows Sanctuary in Machaby (Arnad), Château Vallaise (Arnad).
  • Lunch: takeaway picked up in Donnas (€. 10.00/each.)
  • Concert: Quintetto Bislacco 4.30 pm (Château Vallaise)
  • Visit Château Vallaise (Arnad): 5.30pm after the concert

Overnight stay in Arnad and surroundings: possible accommodations in 2-star hotels and in guest houses and bed & breakfasts (for a fee)
Eventual (for those who participate on Saturday only): 6.30 pm transfer to Verres and Donnas

Sunday 16 April: stages 22-23

  • Departure: 8:30 am from Arnad (in front of the Church of San Martino)
  • Cultural visits along the way: Medieval village of Bard, Forte di Bard (optional, entrance fee € 8.00), Roman arch, Medieval village of Donnas
  • Lunch: free at 12:00/12:30 am in the village of Bard or at the Fortress or in the immediate vicinity of the municipality of Hône (reachable on foot)
  • Shuttle to return to Verrès (route 1): 4.30 pm from Donnas

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