Funerary zone out of Porta Decumana
  • Funerary zone out of Porta Decumana

    Roman architecture

Funerary zone out of Porta Decumana

Resorts: Aosta

Free admission

The visit is possible only upon reservation, by calling the phone numbers reported in the “Contact” area.

People with disabilities: not accessible.

Photos and videos: it is possible to take pictures and videos, for private use and not for gain, with any device without flash and support. Shooting with selfie stick is forbidden. Using shots and films for advertising, press or commercial purposes is allowed only upon authorization.

Pets: small animals are admitted inside the monument only if held in one’s arms or transported in a pet carrier.


This important necropolis from Roman times was found 200 metres west of Porta Decumana, along the road leading to the Alpis Graia (Little Saint Bernard Pass). It is a discovery similar to that of other necropolises near Porta Praetoria and Porta Principalis Sinistra , all gateways to Augusta Praetoria (Aosta).
The site was used for a long period of time, up to around the end of the first millennium, when the building was gradually abandoned. Thus, the necropolis was used both during the Roman Age and the Early Christian period, and it was fairly normal to have Pagan and Christian graves side by side. Also the religious rites of the deceased were very similar.
The necropolis hosts three mausoleums with rectangular halls, known as the cellae memoriae , and an Early Christian basilica , which dates from the end of the IV century to the entire V century. The basilica shows a strong resemblance to similar Christian buildings located on Roman necropolises situated outside the town walls, such as the Church of San Lorenzo and the Church of Santo Stefano.

  • Free entrance
  • Booking necessary

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