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Gamba Castle's Park

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Located in the Cret de Breil hamlet, on a rocky hill 1 km west from the centre of the Châtillon village, the park surrounds the castle, commissioned by baron Carlo Maurizio Gamba in the first years of ‘900, which is nowadays seat of a modern and contemporary art collection owned by the Aosta Valley Autonomous Region.
This green island, developed on a total area of 54.000 square meters, is a typical “english park”, holding more than 150 trees of different species: beeches of considerable dimensions and the Austrian pines, among the oldest living in Aosta Valley. Moreover, it is possible to see fir trees, cedars, ginkgo biloba, lime trees, Norway spruces, oaks, asch trees, horse chestnuts, maples, etc.
The park is characterized by the presence of monumental trees, identifiable thanks to a plate containing the essential data in order to recognize them. The most important are:
-the giant Sequoia from California, with a 37 meters long trunk and a circumference of 217 centimeters;
-the bald Cypress, originating from Florida’s swamps, rising at the western edge along the park fence;
-the Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), indigenous tree from North America.
In spring walks among the trees in the park are more pleasant thanks to 17 thousand square meters of meadow.

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Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.