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An invitation to meet the soul of a place and learn how to grasp its charm, history, magic …

The village of Les Combes, in the municipality of Introd, at the gates of the Gran Paradiso National Park, is known for its pleasant *traditional architecture with particular stone rural buildings, some of which date back to the Late Middle Ages, but also for having hosted the holidays of Pope John Paul II and his successor, Benedict XVI, for several summers.

It is from Les Combes that the artistic itinerary “the soul of places” begins, which leads to discover the works of the sculptor Franco Chevrère, who often returns to the alleys of the village, where he lived and to which he is strongly linked.

Some works are also located in the localities of Le Truc-d’Arbé, a few minutes from the road that goes up to Les Combes, and Croux de Bouque, reachable in about an hour on foot along the path marked 4-5.

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