Local History Museum Maison Bruil - Maison de l'alimentation
  • Local History Museum Maison Bruil - Maison de l'alimentation


Local History Museum Maison Bruil - Maison de l'alimentation

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Maison Bruil, located in the hamlet Ville Dessus of Introd is one of the best examples of rural Gran Paradiso architecture.
It is an ancient rural house with several concentrated functions: all spaces needed for survival of people and animals were grouped together under a single roof.
The current shape is the result of a complex architectural evolution that can be dated back to between 1680 and 1856, the period in which different wings of the building were joined to form a single body.
The visit unravels on three floors through the typical rooms of a traditional house, restored to their original function. The “crotta”, the natural glacier , the “crotteun”, the “peillo”, the drying areas and the garret are some of the areas open to the public wishing to deepen its knowledge of traditional architecture.

The exhibition
“Maison de l’alimentation
Conservare il ricordo… ricordarsi per conservare” (Preserving memory…remembering in order to preserve)

In the towns where the land lies fallow for many months, populations are only able to settle down when they dispose of food resources that last from one harvest to the next.
Altitude and latitude reduce food production times and as a consequence extend preservation times for the items needed. Tradition and experience taught the mountain dwellers numerous preservation techniques based on different physical and chemical principles: cold, salting, drying, smoking, cooking, isolation from air and light.
Maison Bruil has become a permanent food exhibition, a journey through oral testimony, recorded since 1980 in several communities of the Region.

L’Atelier du Goût
Maison Bruil contains a special area reserved to local products: Atelier du Goût.
This is a showcase area where you can discover the territory and its products; presentations of products and tasting show the techniques and cultural context in which foodstuffs and wine are created.
Atelier du Goût provides an answer to the growing demand for food-related themes and quality agricultural products; this takes place in an atmosphere where the senses are used as an instrument of knowledge, with a direct approach to form, fragrances and flavours and with personal interaction with vine-dressers, diaries, farmers, the real protagonists of the products presented.

A further space inside Maison Bruil is dedicated to promotion and selling and of the typical Aosta Valley products, carefully selected and presented in the website www.tascapan.com*

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