• Mid Mountain Ecomuseum


Mid Mountain Ecomuseum

Resorts: Fontainemore

Guided visits on reservation, by calling the numbers indicated in the “Contacts” section

Free admission


The mid mountain ecomuseum is in Pra dou Sas, close to the entrance to the Mont Mars Natural Reserve. It is a beautiful mid-mountain village, whose buildings are used partly as a living museum.
A two-storey stone house has a stable on the lower floor and on the upper floor the room with the fireplace for processing milk and another one in which the family resided.
The nearby wooden rascard encloses the area used in the past for threshing rye and the area for conserving produce. The cellar contained the room for seasoning cheese.
Part of the rascard holds a collection of equipment of carpenters and other traditional professions.
Particular importance is given to the builders’ equipment, a typical profession of this town, for which its inhabitants were famous even abroad, where they were called to work during the warm season.

How to arrive
From the village of Fontainemore, continue a few kilometres along the regional road for Gressoney, then take the bridge on the right and follow on the road which leads to the Mont Mars Nature Reserve. Once you’ve crossed the bridge over the Lys river, continue along the road that leads to Pillaz-Pian Coumarial, then leave the fork road for Pillaz on the left and continue to Pra dou Sas, where you will find directions for the ecomuseum.

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