• Hemp Ecomuseum


Hemp Ecomuseum

Resorts: Champorcher

Free admission

To visit the museum, please contact the “Lou Dzeut” cooperative.


The museum is closed for renovations.

The museum is situated inside an ancient building in the centre of the village of Chardonney, near to the “Lo Dzeut” cooperative.
The main object of restoration is a stable, a historical building and only example currently present in Champorcher. It is possible to see an old manual wooden loom and a warping frame.
Conservation work on the rooms, including a cellar (crotta), a rustic kitchen (meison) and a stable (boi), were varied in nature, however always in compliance with the structure, the fixtures and furniture, and their background and use.
The loom was restored to pristine condition to be used for demonstrations.
An optical fibre lighting system was created, which helps to recreate the soft semi-darkness shared by men and animals during the wintertime.
A sound system provides realistic background noises of cows in the stalls, women praying and the loom in operation.

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