• Casaforte, La Tour Povil

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Casaforte, La Tour Povil

Resorts: Quart

Rules for visitors

Private property – No visits permitted inside the building.

The “Casaforte di Povil” originally belonged to the lords of Quart.

It was purchased in the second half of the fourteenth century by Jean-Michel Piquart, lord of the manor of Quart at the time and a member of the La Tour family of Courmayeur, who died during the second half of the seventeenth century. Their assets were transferred in 1680 to Carlo Filippo Perrone, baron of Quart.

What today looks like a rural house still reveals its original fortified structure and various architectural elements testify to its ancient function.
To the east, the tower has carved stone windows and an arched door.

The tower flanks the arched ogival portal at the entrance to the courtyard, which the main house looks out onto. Two carved stone windows and the door surmounted by a panel with the Piquart de La Tour coat of arms and the date 1627 are worth noting.