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De l'Archet tower

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Located in the centre of the village, this tower, with its walls 9 metres lenght and 2,60 metres thick, reminds in its construction technique of the towers of La Plantà in Gressan and Ville in Arnad.
The dendrometric analyses prove that it was built during the last years of the 10th century, that’s why it results to be one of the oldest towers in Aosta Valley.
It is incorporated into a lower and larger building, which is also square and presents mediaeval masonry and a beautiful portal on the north side, whose architrave is sculpted with a double-row, inverted-keel design. Over the portal stands a small window of worked stone with architrave bearing the Savoy cross.
The origins of the name of the de l’Archet (de Arculo) family derive from having converted the Aosta Arch of Augustus into its residence. These nobles already appear in Aosta Valley charters of the first half of the 12th century. The circumstances of their transfer to Valdigne are unknown, while it’s sure that their castle in Morgex hosted the count of Savoy during the General Audiences,when his direct subjects came there to give him feudal homage.

The tower is seat of the Comics Bibliomuseum, the offices, library and archives of the “Natalino Sapegno” foundation,which realises studies and researches concerning the modern and contemporary european literature. Guided visits to the tower are organized on the occasion of particular events.

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