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Saint Germain Castle

Resorts: Montjovet

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Not visitable.


The castle played an important part in the history of Val d’Aosta.

Few traces remain of its original structure and its construction date is not known for certain.

At the end of the 13th century, the Savoy became the owners, replacing the Montjovet family. As already happened in Bard, in this case too, the pretext was provided by the abuse of power that Feidino Montjovet acted on villagers and wayfarers. The castle was later sold to the Challant family but returned to the Savoy in 1438, when Amadeus VII installed a garrison there, which remained active until 1661, when it was transferred to the fortress in Bard, leaving Montjovet castle open to decay. Even today its tower characterizes the landscape. A gate prohibits access to the area due to the risk of collapse.