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Châtelard Castle

Resorts: La Salle

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On the wide fan of La Salle, in the village of Château, stands Châtelard castle, built, according to the historian Jean-Baptiste De Tillier, by Rudolph Grossi, bishop of Aosta in 1243 and archbishop of Tarantasia in 1246. It is first mentioned in a document from 1248, and presents the type of circular tower reminiscent of the fortified constructions of Count Peter II of Savoy, to whom Grossi was a close advisor.
All around, mediaeval dwellings of all shapes and sizes dot the land like small sentries with an ancient charm: the Pascal fortified house, the Aragon fortified Manor house, Maison Gerbollier, just above, the home of the Ecours and again, in the village of Derby, the notarial castle.

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