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Bovet fortified house

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Located just after the hamlet of Le Pont, at the beginning of the old paved road which started from the SS 26 road and led to the municipal seat of La Salle. Despite being reworked, this fortified house is still an interesting site.

It is a rather large, four-sided building, with two slight projections on the side, originally for defence purposes. It still has 15th-century windows that are partly buffered. The entrance was placed on the north, with architrave decorated with a keel-shaped design, and the building body overhanging it (a loophole can still be seen next to the stone window). This ancient dwelling was damaged by the French during the invasion of June 1691.

Possession of the Bovet noblefamily,who lived from the 13th century to the start of the 16th, together with other property of the family, the fortified house was inherited, through marriage, by the Passorio.

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