The big bench in Arvier
  • The big bench in Arvier

The big bench in Arvier

Resorts: Arvier

The giant bench of Arvier is easily reached thanks to a circular path that starts from the centre of the village and follows the stream that fed the old mill of the hamlet of Verney

Technical Information


Big Bench no. 178 installed near the hamlet Verney, makes it possible for you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the upper Valle d’Aosta, admiring Mont Blanc, perfectly centered between the sides of the main valley, and the imposing glacier of Château Blanc spreading along mount Rutor.
The wide-ranging view also extends to Monte Emilius and Becca di Nona (behind the bench) and to Becca del Merlo at the entrance to Valgrisenche opposite Rutor (on the left side of the bench).

In order to reach the installation, it is necessary to park in the administrative center of Arvier near the church and the green area.
Starting from the drinking fountain at the church, special signs guide visitors through the hamlets of Chez-Les-Fournier, Chez-Les-Moget, and La Crête, then climbing on up towards Verney.
After a stretch of farm road, you take the old mill path which runs along the stream up to the hamlet of Verney.

At this point, you come across stage no. 15 of the Cammino Balteo (signpost no.3 in a triangle with the vertex downwards) which you travel along for about fifty meters before you come across the big bench.

The walk lasts about 30 minutes and, after stopping to visit the bench, it is possible to eat and drink at Arvier commercial activities that provide the official stamps and passports of the Big Bench circuit.