• Champlong - Becca d'Aver and Cima Longhède

Champlong - Becca d'Aver and Cima Longhède

Resorts: Verrayes

Technical Information


From Verrayes, you follow the road which climbs up to the Col de Saint-Pantaléon. Once you have gone through Del and Semon, you continue on towards Cheresoulaz. At a junction you follow the road on the left which flanks the reserve of Loson and rises up to a small hill. At the crossroads, you take the right-hand fork that leads to the grassland of Champlong, where you can park your car.
You take the un-made road which bends to the right and goes past the Ronc mountain pasture and climbs gradually to the Col des Bornes. From here you take path no. 1 on the left, which goes uphill through the wood, until you reach the flat clearing where you meet route no. 2 from the Grand Villa. Staying on the same route, you continue going uphill through the woods, which begin to thin out making way for wide Alpine pastureland. You then come to Col d’Aver where you meet path no. 11 from Torgnon. Go left and when you reach the Alpe Aver, you go uphill to a small Chapel and soon reach the grassy ridge that divides Verrayes and Nus. Continuing on the right on path no. 16, after a short while you reach the summit, indicated by a small iron cross. The view is over Valtournenche and the Val Saint-Barthélemy.
Now going back along the ridge on trail no. 16 you reach a junction, where you ignore the branch going down along the Val Saint-Barthélemy, and take the left-hand branch (no. 16A) which climbs to Cima Longhède where there is a large cross planted by the Alpine Troops Association from Verrayes. From here you have panoramic views over the whole central valley.

Duration going there



6.437 m

Recommended times

June - October


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

887 m

Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.