• Boucle Arboretum de l'Abbé P.L.Vescoz

Boucle Arboretum de l'Abbé P.L.Vescoz

Resorts: Verrayes

Technical Information


Park your car next to the parish church of the village and continue south on the regional road towards Champagne, with your back facing the church. After about 150 m take, on the right, the road that leads to the village Plan d’Arey, and follow it to the end. Three shelters equipped with the cartography of the arboretum, indicate to the tourists the vegetation, the various paths to cover (each duly marked) and the most panoramic areas. The visitor can admire a forest complex of great naturalistic, botanical and scientific interest, given the uniqueness and the particularity of the site. To mention the massive presence of aromatic thyme. The most suitable season for visiting the Arboretum is spring, characterized by an exaltation of colors and scents.

Duration going there


Duration coming back



1556 m

Recommended times

from 01/05 to 31/10


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

171 m

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In summer

"Abbé P.L.Vescoz" Arboretum


This arboretum, the oldest of this kind in the Region, was realized between 1905 and 1908 by Canon Vescoz, an eminent religious, scientist and geologist native of Verrayes, in a poor and dry ridge, called Pointys (1050 m) and purchased by him with huge …

Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.