• Château de Quart - Oratory of Blessed Emericus

Château de Quart - Oratory of Blessed Emericus

Resorts: Quart

A pleasant excursion which, from the imposing Quart castle climbs up the mountainside among historical testimonies and evidence of the area’s production activity, reaching the oratory of Blessed Emericus.
A local legend says that when blessed Emericus of Quart came up here to pray he left knee prints in the rock.

Technical Information


After reaching the square just before Quart castle, in Villair, take the itinerary that leads to the castle. Continue along the flat trail that close to the manor and at the crossroad, leave the right branch and go up the left one. As well as being picturesque, the first section has several panels illustrating different topics. The trail continues into the woods until you reach the small chapel of Blessed Emericus of Quart.

Duration going there



2.709 m

Recommended times

June - October


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

409 m