• Fey - Mont Crabun

Fey - Mont Crabun

Resorts: Perloz

Technical Information


The itinerary starts in the hamlet of Marine, part of Perloz, which is reached by going up the paved road which, from Pont-Saint-Martin, connects Perloz, Marine and Pra. Near the dwellings, take the mule track, sections of which follow the path, while others go along the road, and connects the villages of Crestaz, Faye Dessous and Pesse Désot. From here head north and you soon reach the road to be taken on the right. After a rocky wall, leave this road and take the mule track leading to Croux and Pra. Cross the road in Pra and continue along the itinerary, up the ravine of the Nantey until you come to the pastures of Pian and Le Bec. After ignoring several tracks on the right and going past a ruin, you come to the base of the peak. The path then turns sharply left until it reaches the crest and then continues towards the white cross standing on the peak of Crabun (2709 m), where just below this point, stands the bivouac Crabun.

Duration going there



7.223 m

Recommended times

June - September


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

1.672 m

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Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.