• La Magdeleine - Chamois

La Magdeleine - Chamois

Resorts: La Magdeleine, Chamois

A trail for everyone, suitable also or mountain biking. Along the way there are leisure facilities and educational panels on the subject of energy.

Technical Information


After the first hairpin curve beyond the church of La Magdeleine, village of Vieu, you turn left following the signs to Chamois. You continue for about one kilometre, at the next hairpin bend begins the path n. 107 that reaches the forestall track or you can continue on the road. At about one hundred metres after the curve,starts the forestall track to Chamois. Following the track you meet an alpine pasture and, soon after, near the road block for unauthorized vehicles, a wooden fountain. The route winds almost parallel to the Ru Veuillen (Streamlet if Veuillen). Once reached the Copetou Alp you climb for a short tract then you turn eastwards and you continue onlevel ground. Once reached the Sauveroux valley, you go down, you cross the streamlet and you continue in the wood. After the village of Suis, you keep going and you meet, to the right, the Trinity chapel and, soon after, near the bridge, the water mill with the ancient press. You cross the bridge over the Chamois stream and you reach the village of Corgnolaz.

This trail is part of the itinerary called “Gran balconata del Cervino” in this route there is an outdoor thematic hike (ideal for children), which has as underlying theme the Energy. A track where are placed 7 playing installations, leading us to the discovery of this element, in order to know how it is produced and consumed, as well as to lead us to think about the Water, the Fire, the Earth and the Sun. Along the track, which can be walked in both directions, have been placed 20 boards illustrating, in a simple and exhaustive way, to what energy serves, how much energy we use, how it is produced, how it is possible to produce it using renewable sources, underlying, at the same time, how to use and economize it. This route is characterized by 7 installations, that able the visitor the possibility to play an active role. Do not miss the double funicular wich allow you to “Flight” for 20 metres and the volcano to climb!

Toll parkings. Three parking ticket distributors (coins only or app easypark):

  • € 6,00 from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm

Duration going there



4500 m

Recommended times

April - October


T - Tourist

Difference in level

+100 m