• Tour of the villages of Fontainemore

Tour of the villages of Fontainemore

Resorts: Fontainemore

Circular itinerary through ancient villages in the territory of the municipality of Fontainemore: Borney, Planaz, Farettaz, Pillaz, Thea, Chuchal and Bressé.

Technical Information


Go across the mediaeval bridge next to the parish church and take the only mule track on the left before the old village of Boures de Gris. Go into the woods until you reach the village of Borney. From here take the paved road until you cross the road for Gressoney. On the opposite side take the path following directions for Guillemore. On the other side of the characteristic bridge, go up the orographic left side of the Lys stream and, when you get to the village of Planaz, turn right at the chapel and continue along the trail through the meadows, until you reach a stone house on the edge of the woods. After a good half hour you come to a steeper path that leads to the picturesque village of Farettaz.

When you reach the municipal road, follow it to the torrent, where you take the road on the left next to the bridge, and go up to a wooden construction. Here you walk along the right side of the mountain, return to the mule track and then continue on the left towards the chapel of Pillaz (departure point of Oropa procession). Go through the group of houses and then cross the municipal road to take the mule track next to the fountain. Next go up a slight slope which crosses a brook and leads to the municipal road for Coumarial. Take this road for 200 metres, then take the path on the right before the stream. The mule track goes into the wood until it touches the village of Verghedo, from where it descends rapidly to the village of Thea, partly on the paved road. Continue down until you come to Chuchal, then take the mule track below the square that leads to the start of the village of Bressé. Lastly, cross the dirt road at the stone bridge until you come to the village of Fontainemore.

Duration going there



10.030 m

Recommended times

May - September


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

688 m

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Fontainemore is proud to be one of the most important active emigration hubs (seasonal) tied to construction. From St. Joseph to St. Barbara, at times even at Christmas, the men of this community left to work as master builders in Savoy, in the Duchy of …

Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.