• Aymavilles (Moulin) - Pondel

Aymavilles (Moulin) - Pondel

Resorts: Aymavilles

This itinerary runs along a stretch of the stage 17 of the Cammino Balteo trekking which winds its way between Villeneuve and Aymavilles. It leads to the wonderful Roman aqueduct and reaches a natural area known for its biodiversity and butterflies in particular.

Technical Information


From Aymavilles, take the road that leads to Villeneuve. After the bridge over the Grand-Eyvia, take mule track 2 which rises, next to a small house called Baracca Marèse. At the crossroad, ignore route 2 on the right for La Cote and continue along the left-hand trail no. 2A until you reach the paved road leading to Seyssogne farmhouse. Take the road towards the left, then leave it on the left, by going round the outer wall of the construction. The trail continues inside the woods alongside the stream. After joining the path from Camagne, the trail crosses a small metal bridge and rises steeply next to a rocky wall before going into a tunnel, which crosses the waterfall flowing down from the overlying water basin. At the tunnel exit, the trail descends slightly until it reaches the Roman bridge of the Pont d’Ael aqueduct and the village of the same name.

Duration going there



3.567 m

Recommended times

from 01/04 to 31/10


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

232 m

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