• Ring path sport area - Fiernaz

Ring path sport area - Fiernaz

Resorts: Antey-Saint-André

This is a ring path suitable for everybody, also for strollers.

Technical Information


From the sport area parking, situated on the left side of the stream, take the path and leave on your right the small wood bridge taking to the sport area.
The flat path runs alongside the Marmore stream, you will find the village of Poutaz, and after about 1 km you will reach the village of Fiernaz, here you will leave the path and take the paved road inside the hamlet where you can have a small stop at the playground area.
After the village you will go further on the right, cross the bridge after the stream, and follow the path through the mixed wood (with the stroller, at a certain point, we suggest you to continue on the agricultural road until the village of Lillaz and then return on the described route) until the quiet village of Lilla. You will then go further until the gym tools in the equipped path, the adventure park, the foot field and finally cross the wood bridge to reach the departure point.
Along the path you will find benches, and returning to the sport area it is possible to have a pic nic at the green space.

Duration going there



2869 m

Recommended times

April - October


T - Tourist

Difference in level

28 m

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Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.