• Testa di Comagna Excursion

Testa di Comagna Excursion

Resorts: Challand-Saint-Victor, Brusson, Emarèse

The suggested route mainly takes place along the “rus” and irrigation canals that once transported the all important water for farming both in the past and still do today. The route allow us to see our valleys in a different light and from a totally new perspective. It is a circular route that allows the most expert excursionists to follow various single track paths. For those with less expertise, the path can be followed as shown.

Technical Information


Technical difficulty: medium/difficult
Physical difficulty: medium
Bike-friendly: 100%
Type of route: mixed asphalt, dirt, path

Brusson (1332 metres above sea level) can be reached by taking the Verrès motorway exit on the Regional Road no. 45. After 16 km you come to Brusson where the itinerary starts.

Leave from Brusson and turn towards Ayas. On reaching the crossroads for col de Joux, veer to the left and start the ascent, following the col de Joux Regional Road no. 33 that takes you to the hill at an altitude of 1640 metres above sea level. The ascent which is a bit monotonous due to the asphalt is particularly appreciated in summer when you can recover from the heat by passing through the centuries-old spruce grove before reaching the hill. Before arriving at col de Joux you can drink and replenish your water supplies at the Napoleon fountain where it is said that the leader stopped to quench his thirst with his troops on his way to the Alps. After reaching col de Joux (6.90 km) turn to the left and follow a clear stretch of a farm road that first runs along an irrigation canal. After a few kilometres you reach Sommarèse (1536 metres above sea level – 10.70 km). From Sommarèse you can descend or alternatively, on coming to the last house, more expert excursionists can turn left and follow an extremely fun single track that leads to Eresa (1166 metres above sea level). Those who want to follow a single track, located in the centre of the village can turn left and continue towards the col d’Arlaz (1040 m). On reaching the canal (15.90 km) turn left and then continue alongside the canal. Those who have followed the road leading to Emarèse (995 metres above sea level) should then turn left and follow the service farm track of the irrigation canal called Ru d’Arla in order to reach the col d’Arlaz (1040 metres above sea level). On arrival at the hill, turn left and follow the irrigation canal, after around 1 km passing a beautiful waterfall before reaching Orbillaz (1116 metres above sea level), hamlet of Challand-Saint-Anselme. Leaving from the village, before descending (18.60 km) turn left and continue to run along the canal, following a gentle farm track that takes you back to Brusson. Just 2.5 km after the Arcesaz village (1155 metres above sea level) you can find a steep climb, along just a few hundred metres. Passing by the forest nursery, cross the bridge in order to get to the meadows overlooking the Brusson village.


28 km

Recommended times

May - October


Averagely Difficult

Difference in level

640 m

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Note - this information is not directly connected to the Cammino Balteo path but it is part of the Aosta Valley tourist offer.