• Stage 9

    Verrayes - Nus

    Cammino Balteo

Verrayes - Nus

Resorts: Nus, Verrayes

This walking route is for everyone and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the valley bottom, passing by the high-altitude villages of Verrayes to reach the slopeside hamlets of Nus.

Technical Information


From the main town of Verrayes, this route leads to the hamlet of Moulin. From there you can take a slopeside path that stretches out almost in a straight line, without many hills, through meadows, glades, and small villages frozen in time. This will bring you all the way to Blavy, where you can go down into the valley in Nus.

From here, you can take public transportation to the astronomical observatory of Saint-Barthélémy, which is not far from the archaeological site of a protohistoric fort in Lignan.

A walk along the main road in Nus, will give you a chance to admire the ruins of the so-called Castle of Pilate built by the Lords of Nus in the 12th-13th century. According to legend, this land is where Pontius Pilate stayed on his way to exile in Gaul after Jesus was condemned.

Duration going there


Duration coming back



10.192 m

Recommended times

March - November


E - Excursionist

Difference in level

+208 m -876 m