• Saint Roch distillery - Levi - Ottoz


Saint Roch distillery - Levi - Ottoz

Resorts: Quart


At the end of the 1800’s the Levi family founded a distillery in Aosta, in the town of Sant’Orso, that produces the unique Grappa di Saint’Orso. Years passed and, in 1968, Natalina Levi created the Saint-Roch distillery together with her husband. The business, which is now bigger, has moved to Quart, at the outskirts of Aosta, and creates traditional spirits and liqueurs. The ingredients are few, but necessary: love for the territory and passion for their work.

Grappa, liqueurs, génépy, chocopy, syrups and sweets.
The shop is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Focusing on innovation, local raw materials and cohesion with the territory, the distillery allows visitors to visit and observe how the grappas and distillates are made.
Tasting sessions are available.
Cost per person: €6.00
The distillery can be visited all year round on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday upon phone reservation (Francesco Levi) to be made at least one week in advance.
Languages: Italian, French and English.

How to get there
The distillery is in Quart, in the resort Torrent de Maillod, no. 4.