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Maison Lombard

Resorts: Verrayes


Grandmother Angiolina, born in 1902, a waitress in Paris together with her husband Giuliano “conducteur de voiture” (taxi driver) were emigrants who returned to their native villages before the outbreak of the Great War.
With their savings they bought and adapted this ancient house, where they started a new country life. Life back then was made up of sacrifices and hard work, as well as fears of an impending war and an uncertain future.
When we had to put our hands in our pockets to renovate our grandparents’ house, we got the idea of transforming it into a Bed & Breakfast where today’s travelers can savor the sensations of a stay in a village in the Valle d’Aosta countryside. A place where you can enjoy a snack with local products and an enviable panorama of Valle d’Aosta, but above a place to enjoy our genuine hospitality.



Prices are valid from 01/12/2022 to 30/11/2023