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La Veillà of La Magdeleine

Resorts: La Magdeleine

Saturday 20 July 2024


Originally, according to the rite of Veillà, during the long winter the whole family would gather around the fire, often visited by friends and relatives, with stories, games, and a good glass of wine.

Nowadays, the Veillà of La Magdeleine offers, during the celebration of the patron saint, both an itinerant dinner which allows you to taste traditional dishes from aperitifs to desserts, and the re-enactment of ancient crafts of the past.

The market “Lo martzé du patron” is scheduled for Sunday.

hours 18:30

A Pagamento

On the occasion of the patronal feast in the morning nature excursion (booking info@guide-trek-alps.com)
At 4pm treasure hunt
From 7.30pm the XXII edition of the traditional veillà kicks off with a traveling dinner and ancient crafts. The entrance to the route from the parish. Menu at 25 euros per person.
On Sunday the celebration continues with "Lo martsé dou patron", at 11:00 the Holy Mass will be celebrated. Followed by aperitif with the “Coprs Philharmonique de Châtillon

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