Antica Trattoria Champagne
  • Antica Trattoria Champagne


Antica Trattoria Champagne

Resorts: Verrayes


The restaurant is located along the national road, 7 km from the Châtillon/Saint-Vincent motorway exit; there are the entrance, in the bar, and two dining rooms … all in Aosta Valley style, with particular attention to the furnishings.

The kitchen offers traditional dishes from Aosta Valley as well as Piedmontese dishes.

Very appreciated the mixed fried from Piemont.

Garganelli pasta with bleu Aoste cheese and walnuts
Crêpes with fontina cheese
Mixed fried from Piemont (to book the day before)
Deer with polenta

Cave des Onze Communes: Torrette (VDA) e Torrette Sup. (VDA)
La Crotta di Vegneron: Chambave Rouge (VDA), Cornalin (VDA), Fumin (VDA) e Gamay (VDA)
Institut Agricole RégiOnal: Gamay (VDA)
Follador: Prosecco Valdobbiadene