Le Vigneron
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Le Vigneron

Resorts: Arvier


The restaurant is situaded along the national road which from Aosta goes to the Mont Blanc. The owners, Marco and Susy, will welcome you to taste their breakfast with homemade muffins and cake, aperitifs with appetizers and above all, in the restaurant room you will find dishes created with ingredients from local producers in a modern interpretation, but always genuine.

Every day (no Monday), dinner and lunch with reservations within three hours of delivery.

Only for dinner by reservation before 4pm

Beef tartare with crispy twice cooked egg
Sliced pink cooked tuna, fennel salad with Sichuan pepper, celeriac puree and argan oil mayonnaise
Low temperature cooked pork rib and grilled with bbq sauce
Wild boar marinated and seared, apple compote, chestnut honey sauce and grilled mushrooms

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