• Glacières mill


Glacières mill

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Put in action by the water of the “ru” (irrigation canal) of Marine, the mill of Glacières (or Giassère) is very old, as evidenced by the dates engraved in some parts of the structure. he first documentary reference dates back to 1501 and it is in the deed of enfeoffment of the mill tenants by the lords of Vallaise.

The mill then passed from private to community management by the village of Marine, which installed a new millstone in the early 1600s.
The community rented the mill to the tenants who had to guarantee the maintenance of the mill and also of the stream. Payments for grinding services were made in cereals and flour.

The mill was put back into operation during the Second World War by the partisans of the Lys Brigade and its use continued until the first postwar period.

Today the system is not active but is still functional. The two millstones with wooden hoppers for inserting the grains and bread-bins for collecting flour are kept inside.