• Cascina "L'Ola"


Cascina "L'Ola"

Resorts: Introd

The building beside the Introd castle, today called “Cascina L’Ola”, was once used as a barn and hayloft by the Introd family.The newer unit of this old building is the part held up by five big columns and covered by a jutting rooftop.Worth noticing, on the Western side, the architrave of a door, decorated by a streamlined arch motif.Another interesting building located beside the castle is the barn, a wood and stone building constructed on the foundations of a previous building.Through a small door (the Gothic lock that represents a richly embattled medievel castle is extremely interesting), you reach the two halls located underground.These halls have windows that today are completely buried.In the past thieves would frequently rob grain from this barn.

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