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Feilley Chapel

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HISTORY: the chapel located in the village of Feilley was erected by Philibert Clappey who, in a deed from 1645, undertook the provision of the funds necessary for its construction. The temple, built fifteen years after the plague of 1630, was dedicated to St. Rocco, who has always been asked to protect against illnesses and serious epidemics.

INTERESTING DETAILS: the devotion of the inhabitants of Feilley and their affection for the chapel have allowed for various maintenance work to take place over the years and has contributed to the creation of a real artistic treasure, with certain precious statues that are today held in the parish church museum.
Despite its small size, this chapel also has a choir loft. The choir and the nave each measure around four metres squared; the first is the oratory from 1645, while the more recent second one should date back to around 1747. There are various paintings on the walls, including the Carrying of the Cross with writing in French, English and Portuguese. The altar is covered in polychrome wooden floors, with a monstrance and two small angel heads; the upper part, between the two columns, hosts a beautiful canvas representing the coronation of the Virgin Mary, with the Father and Son, a dove representing the Holy Spirit and, to the sides, Saints Rocco and Sebastian.
Worth noting, Christ on the Cross hanging from between the choir and the nave, enriched with a large wooden rosary.

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