"Tsanté de Bouva" picnic area - Fénis
  • "Tsanté de Bouva" picnic area - Fénis

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"Tsanté de Bouva" picnic area - Fénis

Resorts: Fénis


2 tables and 24 benches. No cooking rings.

Sparse woodland with oak, cherry, birch and ash.

You can arrive by turning left near the start of Fénis town, before the castle of the same name.

From the area you can see a succession of mountains by looking at a 360 degree angle from the North-East to the South-West: Mount Zerbion, Corno Bussola, Mount Néry, Mount Croquet, Mount Emilius, the Paramont chain, Becca d’Aveille, Becca Congé, the Longhède summit and Becca d’Aver.

• By departing from the Tsanté de Bouva district you can take the itinerary that leads to Saint Julien’s Sanctuary and Mount Corquet.
• Worth noting, even if it’s a long trip, the ascent along the entire Clavalité Valley.

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Unlike the other castles built for military and defence purposes Fénis castle is not situated on the top of a promontory, but rather on a small knoll. In contrast with the defence structure, its function was only to be the …

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